On the island of Flores, named after the glorious profusion of wild flowers that literally cover the island, you will find nature in all its exuberance.

Flores is a floating garden offering unparalleled nature walks and bird-watching through lush countryside, green hills with rugged peaks, and rolling, verdant slopes. Sheer cliffs border the blue sea and the attractive coastline is indented with small coves and rocky inlets.

Seven crystalline lakes, bordered by exuberant vegetation and flowers of every colour of the rainbow, nestle in deep canyons. The island’s swiftly flowing streams are rich in trout, their pristine waters form torrential waterfalls as they leap from hill to hill and splash down to the sea. The basalt and lava along the coast has been formed into fantastic shapes by the wind, and the island boasts several volcanic attractions including the enormous Enxaréus Grotto, and the majestic headland of Rocha dos Bordöes with its boiling sulphurous springs.

Flores, with its fish rich lakes, streams and surrounding ocean is a natural paradise for water sports, angling, big game fishing, swimming, sailing and windsurfing being the most popular.

Regarded as the prettiest island in the group, Flores was isolated for centuries, its quiet rural life only interrupted by the occasional visit of a ship calling to take on provisions. A modern airport and improved port facilities now make the island and all its glories, accessible to visitors.

Eating out in Flores - very thin on the ground!

Approximate distance from the airport to Vila der Santa Cruz = 10 minutes drive.