The Island of Terçeira

About 29 kms x 17 kms Terçeira is an elliptical island, the principle feature being Guilherme Moniz which is a huge volcanic crater (the largest in the archipelago) with a diameter of 15 ks it has a flat and verdant interior and rounded edges covered with trees.

There are several beaches with dark volcanic sand around the perimeter of the island.

The main town of Angra do Heroismo is the principle town of the entire archipelago from an artistic and architectural point of view; badly damaged by the earthquake in 1980, it has been rebuilt maintaining the same character as hitherto. It is here that one finds the best shops, and a multitude of restaurants and pavement cafes.

Of particular interest are the Se Cathedral, the Palaçio Bettencourt, a 17th century mansion, and the Angra Museum housed in the former Convent of São Francisco.

Eating out in Terçeira

For a gastronomic meal, try the Residençial Beira Mar which overlooks the harbour.

Approximate distance from Airport to Angra = 45 minutes drive.